The first priority of QMF CAPITAL is to secure account from negative balance and provide the best trading experience to our customers. With our risk analysis system, more than the initially invested amount cannot be lose by the customer. QMF CAPITAL will reimburse the money and will adjust the balance to zero if the account becomes negative due to Stop Out.


Is it possible to lose more than I deposited? What if account's balance becomes negative?


QMF CAPITAL offers negative balance protection, so whenever your balance becomes negative we automatically adjust it to zero.

Debt prevention

Capital Prevention

Debt prevention

No Losses more than initial investment

Debt prevention

Automatically reset to ZERO

Debt payments are not included in the negative balance protection from the client, that’s why our customers are safe from more losses beyond their initial deposit. Risk is limited only to the amount deposited into your account.


When the market fluctuates, it effects the value of assets and this may happen due to the serious financial events and in result the account balance is about to be negative. Customer can loss his/ her capital. Compensation of account balance to Zero will be performed by QMF CAPITAL.

Here are some tips to prevent your account from negative balance:

Set your Stop Lost

Set your
Stop Lost

Use leverage

Use leverage

Take care of your trading volumes